Irish Gazette

2017-2018 Staff

Joseph Agbator


I am Joseph, A relative newcomer to the Newspaper Club, having recently published my first story. I like to go on long walks, I'm thinking of getting a job soon. what I want to grow up as are three options: a comic book autho...

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Erica Baumann


Erica is a current senior at Rosemount high school and Editor of the Irish Gazette newspaper. She splits her time between Rosemount High School and the School of Environmental Studies. Erica writes primarily about Social or...

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Sequoia Jarski


Sequoia is a freshman here at Rosemount High School. She likes to play Golf and Basketball. In her free time she likes to read, draw, and hang with her friends.

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Heidi Hanson


Heidi is a freshman at Rosemount High School. She plays multiple instruments, loves the color yellow, and is overly obsessed with Stephen King and crime cases. She has a very extra personality, but enjoys being kind and loving...

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Keilani Sandkamp


Keilani is a freshman at Rosemount High School. She loves to play with cats, hang out with friends to see their cats AND dogs, and she cries when she thinks of corgi puppies. She's a really big animal person. Keilani's a pretty...

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Jack Flom


Jack Flom is a senior at Rosemount High School and plans to go to college at the University of North Dakota after he graduates. He plans to major in Commercial Aviation and become an airline pilot. This is his first (and last)...

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Audrey Stenger


Audrey is a freshman at Rosemount High School who loves current events in all countries and cats. You can easily find her crying about Georgia (the country, not the state), crying about Chechnya, and practicing up on her Spanish....

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Sam Danson


Samantha Danson is a freshman attending Rosemount high school. She likes playing softball and loves looking at dank memes in her free time. When she is older she would like to be a graphic novelist or English teacher.

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Abigail O.


Abigail Opstad is an article writer. It is her freshman year and her first year with the Irish Gazette. She hopes to go into the medical field after high school and enjoys dancing and drawing in her free time.

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Bryan Herran


Bryan Herran is a senior attending Rosemount High School.

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Austin Parker


My name is Austin Parker, I am 14 years old and my occupation is a student at RHS. I am in band and I play the trombone. My dream occupation is to be a video game designer. Fun fact! I love jazz band for the smooth music.

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Michael Hokanson


I am a freshman at Rhs, I like to play video games and sleep. I play sports like track and swimming.

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Anika Elizabeth Krueger


I am a freshman here at RHS. I went to middle school at Scott Highlands. I love greek mythology, photography and hanging out with my friends.

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Tyler Thompson


  Hi. My name is Tyler Thompson and I am a Freshman here at Rosemount High School. My interests include reading, using computers, watching TV and, of course, writing. I actually live in Apple Valley with my mom and my...

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Chancellor Farmer


Chancellor is one of two co-Editors-in-Chief for the Irish Gazette.  This is his third year on the newspaper and his second as an editor.  A senior, he plans on studying biochemistry in college.

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Emil Otteson


Emil Otteson is one of the editors of the Irish Gazette. Emil has been working for the paper for four years and have been an Editor for two. Emil is currently a senior and plans to go into psychology after graduation in order...

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Justin Myrah


Justin is one of the co-Editors-In-Chief of The Irish Gazette. He became Editor his sophomore year and moved to Editor-In-Chief his junior year. Justin is currently a senior and after high school he is going to major in molecular...

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