Behind the Scenes of the Dance Show

Destyni Broback, Contributor

Dance teacher directs the winter dance program for almost two decades at Rosemount High School.  


    For the past nineteen years at Rosemount High School, Christina Morris has been the director for the winter show in the performing arts program. 


    The dance show at Rosemount High School will take place either at the end of February or the first week of March. The dance show is an all-student choreographed production that gives students the opportunity to have a positive and creative experience in the performing arts. Students can either audition to be a choreographer or a performer in another student’s piece. 


    Before the performance, however, there are measures that must be taken care of before the production. This includes holding auditions, rehearsal of choreographed pieces, picking costumes, and tech rehearsals. 


    The auditions take place in Morris’s dance studio which is located in room twelve in the basement. Every year over a hundred students audition plus around forty students that audition to choreograph. What Morris looks for in choreographers is that they have a clear thought process and direction of where their piece is going. 


    The next step in the makings of the dance show is the rehearsals for the choreographed pieces. Depending on how many pieces you’re in you have one hour of rehearsal per dance once a week. So if you were in three different pieces, then you have three hours of rehearsal per week. Senior Abby Maldonado has been apart of the dance show since her freshman year. “Rehearsals aren’t that difficult or stressful actually” Maldonda states, “After a few rehearsals everything starts to fall into place which makes the process easier. 


    Another crucial part of the performance is to have costumes for each piece to give it a unique flair of individuality. “The biggest expense of the show is the costumes” Morris states, “I roughly spend around $2,000 each year, but I still reuse costumes to cut down costs.” 


           The last detail needed for the show is to set up the lighting and the effects for each of the choreographed pieces. This step is crucial for the show because it gives the piece its own feel and characteristics.  During tech rehearsals, the group of dancers will perform as the tech crew will adjust lighting according to the music and the choreography. 


    The dance show is a three-night performance that will take place on February 27th, 28th, and the 29th.  The tickets are sold for $5 for students and $7 for adults, tickets can either be bought online or at the ticket booth located in the Performing Arts Center (PAC).