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Why Recess Should Be Implemented In Rosemount High?

Joseph Agbator, Author

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Savior of many from stress?

I think that recess in high school is good because I believe it helps relieve our high schoolers from that midterm stress, the rampant anxiety, and the almost herculean tasks known as the ACTs and MCAs. that includes kids sobbing in class, fainting, and resorting drastic measures like pulling fire alarms or faking bomb threats. This hectic and sweaty environment and the incessant pressures of succeeding in today’s school climate has cost everyone, students and teachers alike precious sleep, exercise, and free time. Due to this squalid and unhealthy school environment, about quarter of students have encountered anxiety, or possibly depression.

For example, Montpelier High School has this program called MHS: unplugged, a 15-minute recess program where they have various activities such as knitting, basketball, soccer, and “walk n’ talk” where they walk whilst talking, and so much more. All of these activities have one big thing in common: they all involve activity and never involve electronics of any kind. So teachers, don’t worry that kids are on their devices every day, because it will be the opposite if you add this type of program in school, and you’ll see their performance skyrocket!

In conclusion, teens need the recess to relax their strained brains and compress their knowledge.   

Why Recess Should Be Implemented In Rosemount High?