23rd Winter Olympic Games

Austin Parker, Writer

The 23rd Winter Olympics are here! They are taking place in Pyeongchang, South Korea. They will go from the 9th to the 25th. This is actually the first time that South Korea has hosted the Olympics and the second time that the Olympics have been in South Korea (the first being 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. A total of 2,952 athletes with 92 countries participating. Although there are still tensions between North and South Korea, North Korea agreed to enter the Olympics with 2 figure skaters, 3 alpine skiers, 3 cross-country skiers, and 2 short-track speed skaters. America on the other hand, has 24 alpine skiers, 10 people in the biathlon, 16 bobsledders, 20 cross-country skiers, 10 curlers, 14 figure skaters, 29 freestyle skiers, 48 ice hockey players, 10 in luge, 4 in skeleton, 7 ski jumpers, 26 snowboarders, and 13 short track speed skaters, in total being 231 Winter Olympic athletes. Hope you can watch the the Olympics! Remember, it can be found on NBC almost all day starting at around 12 Central time, around most dates.