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Mobile Library Comes to Rosemount High School

Ramani Arunachalam, Contributer

January 8, 2019

     Rosemount High School is launching a mobile library, which is an initiative granted by the RHS Foundation. According to Ms.Mensen a Rosemount High School English teacher, the books will be checked out the same way you...


Ramani Arunachalam and Olivia Pemberton

November 6, 2018

Come see “Shrek: The Musical” presented by Rosemount High School! The musical is based on the movie Shrek. The lead roles are played by Nick Tentis (Shrek), Hannah Beumer (Fiona), and Alex Robinson (Donkey). Shows are December 6,...

A Black Friday Exclusive Look of the Trending Phones of 2018

Ramani Arunachalam, Contributer

October 30, 2018

        The biggest holiday is coming up, and it’s coming up fast. It’s Thanksgiving; with that comes food, family, plus Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. Here’s our look for the latest trending phones of thi...

Google Marks it’s 20th Anniversary with Latest Product Launch

Ramani Arunachalam, Contributer

October 16, 2018

      Google. The company that always creates the latest and greatest innovations. In 1998, Google launched their search engine. They have changed the world ever since. Every parent has told their child at least o...

The New Craze, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Austin Parker, Administrator

April 16, 2018

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp By: Austin Parker Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the big new game by Nintendo, and is highly praised by many, especially reviewers! So this is what you do in the game: you talk to animals, you...

Cuphead Review

December 18, 2017

The Devil, gambling, intense fights, if you're not interested, what are you doing here? Cuphead is a video game about two cup people , but that's where the aesthetic of the game comes in; weird, wacky, and nonsensical. The gam...

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