Irish Gazette | Rosemount High School


Who we are:

The Irish Gazette is composed of a small panel of the Rosemount High School student body. We are completely student run. Our members vary in writing experience, and we maintain a variety of different political, religious, and social views. Any student is welcome to join the Irish Gazette, and even non-members are encouraged to submit articles by sharing a collab document with [email protected].

This is the second year that The Irish Gazette has been online. As such, we are starting from a nearly blank slate. If you would like to assist with our development on this new medium or would like to suggest improvements, you can find us every Tuesday in Room 216 directly after school.


Our Mission:

The Irish Gazette has two primary goals. The first is to provide newsworthy content to the student body, and the second is to educate our members on journalistic writing.

The content of the gazette is based completely on student choice. No one is forced to write an article that they don’t want to. A writer’s voice will also never be edited out of an article, so while articles may vary in quality of prose and academic complexity, they only do so because we are insistent on each writer bring portrayed as they are. In addition, article output is dependent on the staff as the gazette only implements soft deadlines and assumes that its members are intrinsically motivated to produce content.

We consider ourselves a teaching newspaper. Since staff members are at different places as journalists, many meetings are comprised of writing activities and lectures which aren’t necessarily meant to add to content, but rather to help each individual grow as journalist.

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