Director Spotlight: Christopher Nolan

Director Spotlight: Christopher Nolan

     Directors are the things that can change the way a movie goes. There are over thousands of directors around the world. The most known directors have a similar style for all their movies making them known. Directors also are important for how emotion and different themes take place. 

      A director that I favor is Christopher Nolan. Christopher Nolan has a regular theme of time and its different elements throughout all of his films. For example, a film with a theme of time is Inception. In Inception time is portrayed as an illusion where you don’t know what’s real and what’s a dream. One of his most recent movies, Tenet time is portrayed as a weapon. People are fighting forwards in time and backward in time. In one of his first films Nolan directed, Memento, time is memory. After watching some of Nolan’s films the plot can be seen as confusing. Confusing the viewers is an important aspect for directors to have so people can continually think about the movie outside of the theater. 

       All his movies have a similar breakdown of cinematography. They all have a cool colored film over themselves. This can help bring more emotion to the movie and even change the way people perceive the movie. The editing is always to perfection bringing more entertainment to the viewers. The plots don’t seem real but with the editing, they seem like they could be actual events.

      He has done many different superhero movies. From the most known Nolan directed The Dark Knight Batman trilogy as well as other DC comic movies. He has incorporated some of his most known cinematic processes into time. A major example would be Batman Begins, where Bruce Wayne takes time in a Bhutanese prison and learns how to fight. It took him a lot of time and patience for him to succeed

      A director that I don’t hear his name come up often but I believe needs to be known is David Fincher. He knows how to make movies dramatic and also adds an aspect of confusion. His dramatic choices are pictured in some of his most known movies like Fight Club, where a movie draws your attention in the opening sequence. Fincher’s cinematography is a dramatic color in all his films. Another example would be Se7en, a movie about solving a serial killer where the detectives get too involved. Throughout the entire movie, there is a sense of confusion and dramatics of tragedy. 

      Some less-known movies deserve the same amount of attention as his most famous movies. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a dramatic story of a man aging his life backward. A story that is not in his normal form of mystery or dramatics is a film focused on the true story of the creation of Facebook. The Social Network though different from his common films is well known as it has won best picture.

      David Fincher has his clear draw toward dramatics where you can see low lighting with many harsh shadows. These add depths that attract people to the film and create a sense of emotion. Fincher has been loved over the years, but as the growing generation has come in a new appreciation has formed.

      This final director is one who you could recognize by one shot. He is so well known that his films are in a category different from anything else. Wes Anderson has created movies that can be loved by all ages; from childhood watching The Fantastic Mr. Fox, to growing ages of Moonrise Kingdom, or surviving life and exploring the wonders, seen throughout many of his movies. 

     Wes Anderson has clear well-known cinematography of colorful lighting that produces emotion, while also having quick turn shoots within the bantering dialogue. The light can be seen in The Grand Budapest Hotel having a bright pink and purple theme. With each film there is a different theme of color. Most of his movies are lighthearted but will have a turn of darkness near the end. Anderson brings in different storylines that expand the specific story, yet he can connect it all back into the main theme. All these different aspects show how he can be loved as a director.

       There are some honorable mentions with different directors. Greta Gerwig is a director that has a common theme throughout her movies of divine femininity and empowering women. Jordan Peele is a comedian but with his movies, he has gone with horror, which is loved by many. Spike Lee is a director that is respected throughout Hollywood because he addresses controversial subjects and inspires thought in his films. All these different directors change the way a story is seen, and add in their specific traits.