Rosemount DECA Exceeds Expectations


Keaton Miller, N/A

Rosemount High School DECA team’s successful first competition has already qualified most of their team members for the state competition this spring.


DECA is a professional high school student organization where students can take what they learn in their business classes and use it to directly impact their success. Students meet once a week before school and put in time outside of school to prepare for the next competition, where their ultimate goal is to qualify for the state and national competitions.


    Mr. (Ryan) Harrison is the coach responsible for the team’s dominance the past two decades. This is his 20th year with the Rosemount DECA team, and his 29th year including his time before Rosemount High School.


    The team had their first competition earlier this January and has qualified 80 of the 120 members for the state tournament. The 40 who did not yet qualify for state will have upcoming competitions where they will have more chances.


    Everyone who is involved with DECA has their eyes set on making it to state. Evan Geiwitz, a former DECA member from the 2016-2017 season, shared that “State was the most fun and memorable part” of being a part of DECA.


    Those who qualify for the state tournament get to miss a day of school and spend the night in a hotel with their friends. During their competition they each compete in the events they previously qualified for.


    Whether the members win an award or qualify for state/nationals, or walk away without either, every student will learn skills that last a lifetime. Mr. Harrison explains that the kids gain a lot more than just knowledge. He described that “DECA can help kids with networking, getting jobs or into college, and have the potential receive scholarship money.”


    The opportunities are there for business savvy students to set a foundation for their future. Besides meeting educational requirements, knowing people is one of the largest parts of getting a job, and DECA provides an easy and fun way to get a head start for the future.


    Although the season is already underway, Mr. Harrison is always open to having people join. If interested in potentially joining DECA, see Mr. Harrison in room 126. He will happily take any questions you may have.