Roundabout at RHS

     Plans are finally in motion to build a roundabout at the highway 3 entrance to Rosemount High School. Rosemount has been looking into this project for almost 7 years now. According to RHS assistant principal Dr. Conboy, after a discussion regarding speed limit changes, an MnDOT engineer stated that a roundabout project is set to be completed in 2024. Every day there are approximately 1220 vehicles that need to enter the lots within the span of about 35 minutes. 820 vehicles need to park on campus, and upwards of 400 vehicles pass through for student drop off and pickup. There are an additional 150 vehicles which park at the Rosemount Community Center. Any student who attends RHS knows that entering and exiting school has been a nightmare. In fact, in 2015, city of Rosemount administrator Dwight Johnson said that the intersection is “uncontrolled and has ongoing traffic problems.” The intersection also has a higher rate of accidents than most equivalent intersections across Minnesota. 

       Constructing this roundabout will be a great solution to RHS’ traffic problems. According to a study done by the National Transportation Research Board, roundabouts at busy intersections offer a “more than 90% reduction in fatalities”. Additionally, a National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) report states that roundabouts result in a “76% reduction in injuries” and a “35% reduction in all crashes”. Roundabouts are also significantly easier for beginner drivers to navigate. 

       The city of Richfield implemented multiple roundabouts on 66th street in 2015. The roundabouts shortened travel times, reduced vehicle speed, and increased traffic capacity. RHS students can expect all of these benefits. Additionally, roundabouts improve aesthetics. Art projects including greenery in the center of the roundabout would be a great opportunity for student involvement through RHS’ art program.

       Adding a roundabout has countless benefits, and RHS may only have to pay for a small portion of the roundabout, because the roundabout is primarily on Highway 3, apart from the 10ft strip poking into 142nd st. Freshmen and future students at RHS should be stoked to see this new addition in action in 2024.