How much do RHS Staff and Students Spend at Starbucks?


Starbucks. The ultimate hangout for people of all ages and occupations. Whenever you walk into Starbucks, chances are you will see a group of middle schoolers, two individuals having a business meeting, and a drive through where they give dogs some free whipped cream. 


According to Trung Nguyen’s study, the average adult spends $109.66 every month on Starbucks coffee orders. This averages out to be $1,316 every year! Nguyen also cites that the average person visits Starbucks 6 times a week. 


There are various different types of drinks available on the Starbucks menu. The drinks with many ingredients like Frappuccinos and Macchiatos tend to be more expensive, ranging around $4.45-$5.00. This contrasts the refreshers, which are flavored juices and lemonades, and iced teas which range around $2.25- $4.75. 


We asked a group of teenagers roughly how much money they spent at Starbucks over the course of one month. The highest amount spent was $80 and the lowest was $12. On average, high school students spend $35.56 at Starbucks monthly.  


After asking a group of RHS staff, the average amount of money they spend on Starbucks over one month is $26.66. The highest amount was $50 and the lowest was a shocking $5. 


So what makes Starbucks so appealing that people are dropping $80 a month on it? According to IPL’s case study of Starbucks customer appeal, they say customers show a strong liking to how Starbucks pays attention to customer needs. They have flexible order changes, and address their customers by name. Starbucks presents a homey ambiance which people find comfort in. 


Another thing people love about Starbucks is the effect it gives. It’s believed that they give some of the best kick of caffeine compared to other coffee joints. Individuals site feeling more energized than having a cup at home. Their popular seasonal drinks which are largely beloved, like the Pumpkin Spice Latte, create a lot of buzz and excitement around getting this drink as it is only available for a limited amount of time. 


In conclusion, people enjoy Starbucks for many reasons, but one of the biggest factors to keep them returning is the environment Starbucks provides. From writing down your name on to your cup, and saving the way you like your drink on their app, Starbucks makes a customizable consumer experience that compels one to return.