Vaccine Mandate for Restruants and Bars in Minneapolis Strains Buisnesses and Employees


Ashley Patrin, Co - Editor

A new mandate requiring a Covid vaccine or negative test results to enter bars and restaurants is causing a strain on businesses and their employees. As of January 20th, a lawsuit was filed against Mayor Jacob Frey and the city of Minneapolis to stop the mandate. Filed by a group of local bars, clubs, and restaurants. Smack Shack, Gay 90’s, Sneaky Pete’s, Wild Greg’s Saloon, Urban Forage, Jimmy John’s, and Bunkers Music Bar and Grill, are working to stop the mandate and have the city consider other options.

The group says that as an already hard-hit industry due to previous closures and staffing shortages, the new mandate could be detrimental to local bars and restaurants. It puts strain on the businesses that are now responsible for enforcing the mandate. It is also stressful on employees who have to enforce the mandate, as it causes a larger workload and adds to the stress of working with difficult customers who refuse to comply with the new mandates. Keeping in mind that most of the employees of bars and restaurants are teens, young adults, and those new to the workforce it might be more difficult for businesses to keep employees during staffing shortages.

Although lowering covid numbers and transmission is critical. A different solution is needed other than requiring bars and restaurants to be the enforcer of the new mandates. With too much strain on these businesses, we might not be able to see our favorite businesses open much longer.