Global Warming

Lauren Henely, N/A

With a polar vortex wrapping up and a predicted hot summer coming, it seems to me global warming is at a peak. Transportation and different machinery are a huge factor to this dramatic change in climate. Global warming is killing our world, and a lot faster than we think. I can’t believe human ignorance has lead to the destruction of this earth.


First, I would like to point out that humans cause most of the problem. We release heat trapping gases, also known as greenhouse gases, into the atmosphere with simple things such as driving. According to the release of these gases is changing climate faster than living things can adopt to, this is causing extinction and endangerment among various animals. Recent breakthroughs in machinery has helped save this problem but, not everyone is onboard. For example, in 2010 Tesla released their first model of electric cars. Since then Tesla has become extremely popular throughout the world. Even with success comes failure, people who can’t afford Tesla products are out of luck. For a world with rising technology their isn’t a lot of options, besides Tesla, for electric cars.


Global warming has huge ties to the polar vortex that swept across half of the midwest in previous weeks. According to CBS News an estimated 100 million people were affected by the chilly below zero temperatures brought on by the polar vortex.  The polar vortex didn’t just affect The United States. Canada, Asia, and Europe were also sent soaring into life threatening temperatures. Due to greenhouse gas emission the globe has warmed about 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit in the past 50 years. If you think that’s scary just wait, the Arctic surfaces have warmed twice that which is creating darker sea and land surfaces.


Anyone who has been paying attention to the subject knows that glaciers are melting and causing a dangerous rise in sea levels. It is predicted in as little as ten years the whole state of Florida could be completely submerged by water. I’m sure this isn’t news to anyone who has kept up to date with the global warming issues. According to NASA the top 700 meters of the ocean have warmed 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit since 1969, this due to the warming earth’s surface and expansion of the sea, which makes it easier to warm.


Some people don’t believe that global warming isn’t a true issue and believe the science is wrong. This is exactly the reason that I believe human ignorance is destructing our earth. There has been extreme weather conditions, such as the polar vortex of 2019. If we keep going down this route NASA predicts that more extreme weather is still to come.


I’m not saying people should stop driving cars but I think electrical cars are a better solution for our unpredictable future. Also, though it isn’t directly tied to global warming, I think people should recycle and pick up after themselves. We know what could happen when we don’t care for our planet, because of this, I am a firm believer that we can change this path we are headed down if we all work together, one step at a time.


Human ignorance has lead to the destruction of this world, even if some people don’t realize it.