Irish Football Fall to Lakeville South


Nathan Jerzak, Contributer

Last Friday Rosemount suffered a crushing defeat against Lakeville South losing 28-14 on homecoming night.


Even with their loss in a game, Rosemount never led, the Irish always looked like they were in it against the number one team in the state, Lakeville South. The beginning of the game was shaky on offense with a fumble on Rosemount’s first drive, luckily the Irish were able to force a turnover on downs giving them the ball back. The Irish were able to hold Lakeville South for almost the whole quarter until the clock was at 00:07 South scored a 22 yard rushing touchdown, but on the bright side Rosemount stuffed South on the 2 point conversion run attempt.


The second quarter went well for the defense with a sack by number 5 Miles Townsend, until around the halfway point when South scored a 57 yard rush touchdown and 2 point conversion. Late in the second quarter Rosemount quarterback Vincent Pyne throws a 42 yard touchdown to wide receiver Cedric Wall making the score 14-7 Lakeville South.


In the third quarter Rosemount wasn’t able to do too much of anything on offense. Their defense didn’t do any better getting scored on twice both of which being on the ground one being 57 yards the other being 1.


In the fourth quarter Rosemount’s defense played extremely well with a sack from number 31 Abid Alam for a 10 yard loss, they were also able to intercept the quarterback. Rosemount put in some back ups one of which being the quarterback subbing out Pyne for Easton Corbett who ran for the last touchdown of the day a 84 yarder.