Apex Legends the better Fortnite?


Austin Parker, Administrator

Apex Legends is the new free to play battle royale that is trending currently. What makes Apex Legends so much better is that it’s a new game, new format, new mechanics, but still the same battle royale that we all know. Apex consists of only 60 players (compared to Fortnite’s 100)  in a single match with you and 2 other friends, making a 3 player team. Apex differs greatly from Fortnite, due to Apex’s graphics being a lot more realistic game and you being able to play a variety of 8 characters (2 buy-able) that have their own unique abilities that can change the way of combat. Apex, from personal experience, is a really fun experience especially with friends where you can properly coordinate communication. This is not where it ends. The difference between Apex’s cosmetics and Fortnite is that Apex has a loot box system… you might think that it’s bad, however, compared to Fortnite’s system of constantly buying in game currency to get the cosmetics that you desire, loot boxes in Apex that you can earn a lot faster than you can the in game currency through the Battle Pass in Fortnite, is a huge save for your wallet. This is why the debate of whether Apex Legends is better or worse than Fortnite still stands. Which side are you on?