Genius Project: Mental Health

Anya Naylor, Contributor

Mental health is something we all need to be mindful of. Our sanity depends on how well our mental health is kept up. But here is the question, what can we do to lower our mental health? What are ways we can improve our mental health? What resources do we have to improve our mental health? What can the schools do to improve the mental health of its students? These are all important questions to consider when talking about mental health.



  • What lowers our mental health?


Well, a lot of things do. It can be different for each set person. Some people it is school that lowers their mental health, homework and grades. Some people it is friend or family drama that causes the degradation of their mental state, a parents getting a divorce or being stuck in a abusive relationship. Other people it can be religion, trying to keep up their expeditions of their church in grasp. For some people it can be more than one of the reasons I listed.



  • What are ways to improve our mental health?


Mental health can be ruined in many ways, but it also can be IMPROVED in many different ways, For people it can be different, however taking good care of yourself just in general can help. Maybe lay off the easter candy a little and have a carrot instead! Making sure you hang around the right people too, they can affect your mental health for better or for worse. One of the last big things is your spiritual help, maybe if you have a quiet moment try to practice mindfulness. Try and clear your mind and take some deep breaths. Mediation does have many sciencetifically proven health benefits.



  • What resources do we have to improve our mental health?


Just at our school alone we have many helpful resources! You can always go see the school counselors which will not tell anyone your issues unless someone is in physical danger, teachers, and even the administrators if the need arise.  However, there are some sources you may not know about. Rosemount High School has connections with a lot of different therapy agencies connected to it, they also have a grief counselor. Even if you need to branch out there are therapy agencies all over Minnesota, more than a few are covered by insurance. If you have a friend who is affected by mental health issue you can be a resource as well, just be willing to be a shoulder to cry on can help a lot.



  • What can the school do to help students improve mental health?


The school already has many great options to improve mental health, but how can they help even more? There are many ideas they can do. Hiring more counselors can make it so they can have more personal connections with their students they are assigned. Having a deep connection would help the students feel more comfortable. Having teachers have mindfulness in class might also be a way teachers can help their students. The last thing is maybe expanding the hallways to make it so people who feel uncomfortable in the hallways people can feel more comfortable. They always have option of making students go in sections. If you would like these would be good options you can always go to the admistors to see if they would be willing to add these in.



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