Accessible Internet is provided at RHS for Families


In recent months, students have adjusted to distance learning and a necessary component of this is the internet. Rosemount High School is finding different ways to support families and students within our community who lack internet access.

RHS provides students with a hotspot when they are in the building. For families that do not have reliable internet at home, Sprint has created a project called 1 Million. The high school has connected with the company to allow students to receive high-speed internet. This is a very affordable option for those who need internet access. Rosemount has provided this service to 40 families in the community.

Families having internet issues can reach out to a teacher or fill out a form to contact the tech team. Then someone will connect with you or your family to discuss solutions. Requesting a hotspot will take around two days or so before you can access it- during covid, it isn’t tricky to get access to this hotspot at all.

If you would like to learn more about this project here is a link: Please reach out to a teacher or if you are in need of internet access at home! Here is the link to the form: