Cuphead Review

The Devil, gambling, intense fights, if you’re not interested, what are you doing here? Cuphead is a video game about two cup people , but that’s where the aesthetic of the game comes in; weird, wacky, and nonsensical. The game’s setting is set in the 1930’s The game starts out with the two protagonists gambling quite a lot, but then the owner of the casino, the devil, he offers all the money in the casino if they won. If they lost, they got their souls taken away, of course they lost the bet, so they plead for their souls. The devil gives them a chance, they must collect the contracts from the devils other debtors, also known as defeat them. Since I’m done writing about the game’s story, I’ll write about the great things in this game.

    Throughout the game, you’ll encounter many questionable bosses, not like your average  game where you fight through waves of enemies then you fight a boss, you jump straight into the boss, which I like about the game. The bosses themselves are a real challenge, and very frustrating and also very unique and weird. One time you fight a potato, a crying onion, and a psychic carrot all in one fight. You’ll encounter much more weird bosses like that, which makes this game stand out from most games. Now let’s look at the downsides of the game.

    The only problem with the game is that the levels are extremely hard and frustrating. It takes lots of attempts to do one level, especially if you’re not that good at fast-paced games like Cuphead. Another problem is that once you master all the levels, you realize you’ve completed the game, then you don’t really have anything else to do in the game. Next, the interview with Tess Zickrick about the game.

    I interviewed Tess Zickrick, big thanks to her for helping! I asked her 2 questions, my first question was, “Do you think that Cuphead will change platforming games for a long time, why or why not?” She told me, “It will most likely be the same for the most part, although the game has unique features, it will not change platforming games like Super Mario Bros.” My second question I asked was, “What was the part that stood out in Cuphead?” She answered a way I didn’t view the game’s difficulty. She said, “I admire the gameplay and the overwhelming difficulty of the game. I also admire the finger guns, they just stand out for some reason. The graphics of the game are outstanding, as they are very unique from other games.” I will now conclude my interview with some finishing touches.

    In conclusion this game has revolutionized plat formers with a new style of gameplay. I wrote about the good things, bad things, and wrote about my interview. This game is from a stance of opinion, check out more about the game if you want to know more about the game. If you want this game, it’s for PlayStation 4, Xbox One (most likely Xbox One X) and PC.