The End of the Year, But the Start of Your Vacation

Austin Parker and Austin Parker

It’s almost here, the end of the school year! It is going to be a great summer! Seniors will be done with school and off to college, juniors become seniors, and freshman will not be (as) disrespected by everyone on the top. Lots of things will change with the end of the school year, however lots of new things will begin with the end of the school year! Several activities that will begin this summer are things like Marching Band, a ton of summer sports, sport camps and band camp. However, there’s still other activities that take place at the school. Most activities at which they took place after school, now they now take place during the “school” day. So, you could try out all the activities that still take place during the summer. Or… you know… get away from school that’s literally like almost the entire point of summer, so then you could go on vacation or something. But the seniors still have to deal with the big question: “What college do YOU want to go to?” For some it will be hard, but others, will be easy. That’s a question that you’ll have to answer for yourself if you’re not a senior. But for now, enjoy your summer vacation!