Are Ipads making a Difference?

Ciera Hunter, Contributer

With personal technology, learning has reached a whole different level. Two years ago District 196 introduced iPads throughout all grade levels in the district, opening a new way for students and staff to think outside the box.


With everybody not being able to have access to a computer at home, everyone has been given the opportunity to have an iPad in their own hands. Students have been given the same access to all resources. One of Rosemount’s assistant principals, Ms. Budde stated: “the whole world is theirs!” This has given students a fair chance to be successful and access to a whole new world.


Not only does iPads help students, but they also allow teachers to be more creative and think differently on teaching techniques. Alexis Bondhus, a current student at Rosemount High School expressed, “Keeping track of assignments and due dates have become so much easier.”


Along with advantages, there are also some challenges with new technology. Having an iPad in front of students faces tend to tempt students to not use them correctly, causing distractions.

Restrictions on the iPads have caused difficulties in finishing assignments. Restrictions were placed on iPads to ensure students couldn’t look up inappropriate topics and download social media apps.


Access to the internet has leaned to students in taking the easy way out of school work. Copying and pasting have become a common issue in completing tasks. It has also been an issue when it comes to tests. Having access to multiple resources and apps tempts students to click and look up answers to cheat on their tests. A majority of students have seen this as a quick solution, instead of struggling through the process of learning new information.


For about the last fourteen years of school, a large number of students have been used to using paper, pencils, and lugging around heavy, back-breaking textbooks. Now that iPads have been more of an adequate way of learning, Rosemount High School sees the use of iPads further in their future.


Some people might ask “why not computers instead of iPads?”  Or even prefer a computer. The answer to that is because a group of individuals were brought together to research what would be better for students, computers or iPads. iPads become the better choice according to the research and also so the technology could be consistent through 3rd and 12th-grade students throughout District 196.


This was not an easy process or decision. The district had to get a levee and then ask voters for money to help contribute to funding this project. This took time, therefore that is why just only a couple of years ago students and staff were introduced to iPads.