Dance Show at Rosemount High School


Lily Krekelberg, Contributer

On March 1st and March 2nd at 7 pm, Rosemount High School students will be performing multiple dances in the Performing Arts Center at Rosemount High School. The point of the dance show, Framed Stories, is to bring Rosemount together as a community to allow students to show their artistic talents.

The dance show has been going on for at least 21 years now and every year there is a theme/title for the show. This year’s dance show is titled, ‘Framed Stories.’ Christina Morris, the dance teacher, and director of the dance show at Rosemount High School has been working on the dance show for 18 years now. Opening night is March 1st at 7:00pm and closing night is March 2nd at 7:00 pm. There is also a senior/student preview on February 28th at 3:30 pm, which is for Rosemount High School students and the elderly in our community.  “There are about 35 dances and around 180 students in the dance show this year,” says Christina Morris. There are multiple different styles of dances in the show including, modern, swing, hip hop, and many more. Morris explains that the most enjoyable part of the dance show for her is, “watching choreographer’s face when they see their piece come together on stage for the first time.” Two things Morris would like the audience to take away from the show is, “to see how creative and how artistic our students are and how they express themselves.”

This year the dance show has around 29 student choreographers. Jena Eleazar, a senior at Rosemount High School, is one of the 29 choreographers in the show. Jena has been dancing for 5 years now and started to choreograph these dances since her junior year. She wanted to become a choreographer because “I really liked the value of being able to come up with your own work and showing others.” She has choreographed for the Beyonds Hip Hop team at Rosemount High School and this year is her first year choreographing for the dance show. Jena created a hip hop piece for the show. Jena states that she created a hip hop dance because “You can have fun with it and just flow.” Jena is not only a choreographer for the show but is also a dancer in the show. The most challenging part about being a dancer and a choreographer and dancer is, “remembering the number of dances you’re placed in and balancing dance with school.” She is very excited to show what the dance students at Rosemount High School have to offer.

Morris and Jena and the many other students are working very hard to put on a dance show that the Rosemount community will never forget.