Chilly Reception to Frozen II


Ramani Arunachalam , Administrator

Frozen 2, the sequel from the hit 2013’s Frozen, meets general expectations, but doesn’t have the grandeur of the previous entry. In the film, it starts out with the former king telling a story to Elsa and Anna, about the Northuldra and the Enchanted Forest and what happened to them when they tried to make a treaty with the Northuldra. Then it leads into present day Elsa, who is uncomfortable with  the role of being a queen, hears a calling from the Enchanted Forest. Both sisters journey to the Enchanted forest to find the Northuldra and figure out what’s happening. That’s where the storyline picks up. 

Characterization is solid in the movie, especially Olaf and Elsa. They seem to have matured since the first Frozen. The ending of the movie though was a bit flat and it seems like they could’ve done something better. Also compared to the first Frozen, it seemed like the graphics had gone to a lower level, and that they wanted to compensate that with the plot line. For a mature story line, you would think of an ending that suits that, but that’s not the case for Disney. Instead they stick to their typical standard of the happily-ever-after endings, which implies that they always want to cater to the child audience, not to the adults. If you are a standard Disney fan, it’s a must watch for you! But if you are coming here after the first Frozen, then beware!