Jumanji The Next Level, Back in the Game Again


Ashley Patrin, Contributer

     Jumanji The Next Level is the second installment of the new Jumanji series, based on the 1995 original. The original characters Martha, Fridge, Bethany and Spencer are joined by two newcomers Eddie, Spencer’s Grandfather and Milo, Eddies previous business partner. The group goes back into the game to find their friend, Spencer. We are once again greeted by wit, humor and action as they begin a new adventure together. Although a hilarious and enjoyable movie, it had the potential to be even better. In the movie we are introduced to Eddie, who is played by Danny DeVito, and Milo Walker, played by Danny Glover. These two new characters bring more comedy to the movie with witty lines and jokes about getting old. Their overall ignorance during the film brings a fresh dynamic to the story. The only complaint I have about this movie is that it never goes into depth about the characters and the new additions. In the new game the characters each get a new trait, but they never incorporate them into the story very much. The movie writers had so much to work with there. With new characters, traits, and story line it could have done so much more, instead of focusing on the adventure so much. It is a great movie to watch with friends when you are tired of school and need wind down.