Rock Climbing Club Details

Austin Parker, Admin

Are you wanting to do rock climb/bouldering and want to do it with your friends? Well, the Rock Climbing Club is just the thing for you. In the club you… Well rock climb/ boulder (Rock Climbing on a smaller scale). If you have 0 idea of how to rock climb/boulder, there is training on how to if you need it. It’s very relaxing, and there’s no work needed in the club. If there are enough people that come along, then the class will go outside. She will bring along 15-20 students to the Rock Climbing place, which is called Vertical Endeavors in Bloomington. You must get your own ride in order to go, and it starts on Friday December 7th, at 6PM. However, you will need a parent’s/guardian’s permission on a permission slip that Ms. Driesson will give to you. That is all you need to know for the club. If you have more questions, comments, or concerns, then you can reach Ms. Driessen through email ([email protected]) or go to room 317, you will most likely find her there. Ms. Driessen describes rock climbing as, “Tetris on a wall.”, very interesting to say the least.