High School Stress

Meena Thakurdial, Contributer

Have you just had those days where things just get too much. Those days where you have homework in every class, a paper due the next, a science project, oh and all of those tests. You feel like there’s too much, in too little of time. This is a reality for many students in high school. We get up a five AM and stay up till midnight, trying to finish everything. This isn’t a healthy way for students to learn.

According to understood.org there are five main causes of stress in students. First the fear of failure. Many kids will get mad if they get a A- on a test or a B. When you spend all of this time studying then you get your score back. You may feel like you failed. Students set a standard that they want to meet, and when they dont they start to doubt themselves. Next, high schoolers are taking harder courses and more responsibilities. When you get into highschool you options of taking honors classes and AP, or even more than that. Students take these classes for more of a challenge, but the real challenge is fitting in the time. Most kids do after school activities, when you take these classes it may feel like you have no free time. Also when you’re a high schooler you don’t have anyone to hold your hand. People expect you to do things on your own. With both of these piled on top of you can you see why students are stressed. Moving forward, high schoolers feel social pressure. We feel the pressure to be popular and to be like everyone else. We have our insecurities and when you have this in the back of your mind, it makes high schooler even more tough. Also you may also lose relationships in high school. People will come and go, It’s hard when someone you thought was a genuine person ends up leaving. It makes you question everything. Next, uncertainty about the future and what comes next. I know during class people are talking about how am I going to make it in the world out there. People feel this pressure to have their future planned out, and if you don’t you’ll never make it. Lastly, high school students feel scared about college. When your in highschool you have to make a decision whether or not to go to college. Most kids do choose to go. When you know you want to go to college you have many thoughts pop up in your head. Like “Am I going to be able to handle it”, “ If I have a B will I not be accepted”, “ will I be able to afford college.” When you have all of these thoughts in your head you feel like everything is happening at once and you can’t stop it. With all of these thoughts and things happening in a high schoolers life can you see how stressed out we are.