PDA (Public Displays of Affection)

Austin Parker, Administrator

Public displays of affection are where teens in the halls of this high school proceed to show their… “affection” towards another person. This can cause people to feel uncomfortable in the halls as teens/teachers are walking to get to their classes. To others that are forced to see two classmates making out like they are on the Titanic, this can possibly be uncomfortable for you. Doing this in the school is a disturbance to the peace. For example, today I say a couple in a corner making out, and it made me feel extremely uncomfortable to just glance over at. When I tried to take my practice ACT, I had the image burned into my head. So much so, that I could barely get my test done. I’ve seen this happen to many of my friends, where they can’t focus and they talk to me about it, quite a lot. From many people’s perspective, this is not a sight to see while in school. If you show your affection to your partner in the halls, you can do it anywhere else in the world, it’s possible! Look, we’ve all seen the horror movie Alien, we don’t need a re-enactment of it.