Test Prep With No Stress

Test Prep With No Stress

Ramani Arunachalam, Administrator

Juniors and sophomores have ACT and PreACT on April 7, 2020. On that day freshmen and seniors will have a digital learning day, and do not need to come to school. 

As we all know it can be nerve wrecking to be in a testing environment, here are some tips to follow, so you can be stress free on the day of your test.  

  • Take 5-10 minute breaks after 45 minutes to an hour of studying. When you’re studying for a test, it’s very easy for you to feel mentally exhausted, so it’s good to take these breaks in between. Going out for a little walk or playing some sport during that break time can help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to get back to studying.
  • Make and keep an organized study schedule early on. It’s not healthy for you to procrastinate and study on the night before the test, or you’ll blank out during the exam.
  • Be honest with yourself on what you need to improve on, because it’s easy to feel as if we have accomplished everything in that area. It won’t hurt to look through it once or twice. You may realize that you really needed to brush up in that section.
  • Practice, but don’t go overboard and self guess yourself. It’s really easy to second guess yourself, but go with your gut feeling.
  • Get a good night’s rest the night before the test and eat a healthy breakfast, so you’ll have the mental energy to finish your test and feel good about it.

Keep these five things in mind, and you’ll be golden on the day of your test.