The Sadie Hawkins Dance is next week!

The Sadie Hawkins Dance is next week!

Brett Pettit and Annie Stefanko

Valentines Day is almost here but the fun doesn’t stop there.

Next week on Saturday, February 22nd, the Rosemount High School Student Council will be hosting the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Come with friends, with a date or by yourself to the Rosemount Community Center Banquet Hall where there will be lots to do.


Admission is only $10 a person and tickets go on sale on February 19th in the lunch room or you can buy them at the door. The dance will have a DJ, complimentary candy bar and coat check, a photo area and more!


Students may plan a group costume with any theme they desire.
“I’m most excited to see the costumes,” says Josie Greener, who’s been helping planning the Sadies Dance.


February 22 will be extra thrilling because the Rosemount’s Hockey team will be performing around the same time, bringing lots of excitement to the dance and the game. Tickets are also only $5 if you give proof of attendance at the hockey game.


Parking will be available in the Rosemount Community Center lot and the dance starts at 8:30 p.m. and goes till 11:00 p.m.


Make sure to buy your ticket! You’ll definitely want to attend, the 2020 Sadies Dance will be a blast.