How Rosemount DECA Marched on to State Conference again this year

How Rosemount DECA Marched on to State Conference again this year

Brett Pettit, Writer

Rosemount High Schools DECA Team recently achieved massive success in its district conference on January 10th.


The 161 Rosemount students who did participate competed against over a thousand others with the goal to move onto the next state: State.  DECA, a nationwide organization, allows kids to get involved in business and different avenues to follow their unknown passions. This year was excellent for Rosemount’s Team with over 98 students advancing onto the state conference in a variety of different categories.


Mr. Harrison, the business teacher and advisor of the DECA Team at Rosemount High School, has been running DECA at RHS for over twenty years and has observed the team numbers grow to above 100 every year for 15 consecutive years which shows interest is not dwindling.  


He also said that his favorite part about running the organization is “seeing them come in green and not know much about business and interviewing and that moment when they come out of their event whether that be at district’s, state or nationals, usually its at districts, when they’re like holy cow, I can do this.”  


Mr. Harrison says that overall “students are becoming more and more dedicated and committed to it because they know that success is really within their reach if they just put a little bit of effort behind it.”


Brady Leuth is a Rosemount High School Senior who competed in the district conference this year.  He competed and advanced to state with his partner Jacob Peterson in the category “Buying & Merchandising.”  Brady said his favorite part of DECA is “The competition part. I love competing and everything and I love that it’s actually a business thing. You’re competing with other people and you hope that you do better than everyone else.”


  After the district conference Brady said his biggest takeaway was “I’ve learned a lot of information.  I’ve learned a lot of things that I can actually apply to my job that I work now as well as there’s also some professional things like speaking with people that it has helped me out with.”


The students at Rosemount that are moving onto the next conference will go to the State Conference which is on March 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis.  Feel free to wish them good luck when the Conference gets closer as they get a chance to go to nationals later this Spring.