Registration For Next Year!

Registration For Next Year!

Ramani Arunachalam, Administrator

Registration season is upon us. Here’s some useful information regarding registration for next year!


A Parent & Family Registration Video is available starting from Thursday, January 7th.  Schedule a time to sit down with your family and view the video for the grade you will be in next year.  It will have important information to consider before registering for classes!


  • Here’s what you need to in order to register:
    • Go to the RHS website.
    • Click on the registration info button.
    • Scroll down to what grade you are registering for next year.
    • Import the registration documents into notability.
    • Tick the classes you want to register for.


We will be led through registration during Tuesday Advisory in January.  Teachers will also be sending out messages and talking with our students.  Start discussing registration with your parents or guardians and reach out to our faculty and staff with any questions.  We are here to help!


The open window to register for courses in Campus will take place January 19-26th. 


Happy Registration!