The Rosemount Counseling Department Offers Help for Struggling Students


Annie Stefanko

The Rosemount Counseling Department Offers Help for Struggling Students

During these uncertain times, families in District 196 may find themselves in need of help – financially or mentally.

For families with students in Rosemount, the counseling department at RHS is a great resource for them. They are the first point of contact, and they help guide students through tough times. According to Chad Terry, a counselor from RHS, he wants “to help students be successful.” He says,“[Struggling students] deserve the help they need to achieve their goals.”

Unfortunately, the counseling department has seen a decrease in students and families coming forward to ask for assistance as Covid rampaged MN. It is a challenge for the department to find children who need guidance, but there are many resources the school provides now.

This year the counseling department welcomes a new social worker, Jim Ciemny. Before, RHS did not have a position like this. He is here to help students cope with mental health and provide students with someone to talk to if they are struggling. Ciemny wants students to “see that mental health is valued and respected at RHS.”

Ciemny has helped 34 families from being homeless. He provides families with financial support and will reference other organizations that assist people: CAP Agency, Moms and Neighbors, 360 Communities.

Covid has impacted resources that our school supplies. Families are struggling to purchase food for their children. But over the past few months, there have been drive-throughs where families can pick up and grab meals safely. You can also check out organizations here in Rosemount that are supplying food-some are listed above.

Transitioning from in-person to online school has been a big adjustment for students. It has affected their mental health, and they aren’t receiving the help like they used to. Meals that were served in the morning and during the afternoon were helpful to students that couldn’t afford them. Due to transitions, RHS has been working hard to find ways to assist families and encourage students to reach out to them.

It can be scary for young adults to contact someone for help if they are struggling financially or mentally, but you won’t know anything until you reach out. At RHS, they are open to everyone in the community and aspire students to take a leap of faith whether or not that’s approaching the counseling department or even a teacher.