A Local Non-profit looking to Assist Communities in Need


A Local Non-profit looking to Assist Communities in Need

360 Communities, a local non-profit in Burnsville, are assisting families that are struggling with homelessness.

The organization, founded 51 years ago, is looking to build “trusting relationships” with communities to end violence and poverty.

Mrs. Katie Ellis, a food shelf coordinator at 360 Communities, says, “[we] want to help build resources and stability that improves lives.”

Before covid hit, 360 Communities would usually have visitors – such as families – come in and ask for help. From there, they would connect with the person by learning about their situation and finding ways to assist their patient.

New protocols have been put into place to ensure the safety of their visitors. Nobody is allowed inside the building, so there is less contact with patients now.

At the 360 Communities food shelf, residents would be able to go inside and grab food when needed. However, they are not allowing that anymore. Instead, they are pre-packing food and allowing no-contact pickup. Due to the pandemic, 360 Communities has seen a shortage in food.

Also, during covid, 360 Communities has seen more students reaching out for help.

Children can reach out to their school or a caseworker if they want to contact 360 Communities. They collaborate with high school counselors to give referrals to the students. If a student is having trouble looking for help and action is taken, their school will identify them and provide support.

If students are looking for ways to help out 360 Communities, they can find different volunteer opportunities on their website, collect donations or work at drives. Another way they can help is if they know someone who needs assistance, they can encourage them to reach out to organizations such as 360 Communities to spread awareness.

Here is their website: https://360communities.org/get-involved/