Teachers Help With PepFest

Meena Thakurdial, Contributer

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Lights, singing, dancing, were all big parts of making pepfest enjoyable. Don’t forget what happens before the show goes on. The pepfest was a huge success due to the help of Mrs.Semmler. From the singing, dancing, crowning of the royals, and the overall energy of the crowd. None of it would’ve have been a possible without Mrs.Semmler help.

Mrs Semmler is the Co Advisor of student council. She helps the students decide on ideas and also give them feedback to help move forward. You may see her working in the IMC helping with ipads or general questions you may have. Mrs.Semmler is a very kind, caring, and a welcoming person. So don’t be afraid to stop by and say hi. She has been working at Rosemount High School since 1999 and says “ She loves the respect that kids show to others, also how much school spirit we have.”  She also says that “ Even Though our school is big, we do things to make it feel smaller.”

One of the challenges she mention was the timing. Everything has to be well thought out to make sure kids would  make it to there buses on time. Another thing is the seating, and how there may not be enough for students. So the next time you attend a pepfest make sure to thank Mrs.semmler for her hard work in making it a success. Also for taking time out her day to help us students and teachers as well. The message Mrs.Semmler hopes to get across is that everyday students are working very hard, keeping grades up, and even thinking about college. All of it is stressful and Mrs.Semmler hopes that the pepfest can give kids a break and relax. She wants to show kids what a community looks like, and in general just have fun. Overall this year homecoming pepfest was amazing and a huge success. The next time you see Mrs.Semmler don’t be afraid to talk to her, and thank her for her hard work.  Lets Go Irish!


-Meena Thakurdial