Rosemount, dances up a storm


It’s a brand new year and a great way to start it off is with Rosemount High School’s annual dance show. The Rosemount dancers have been working hard preparing since late last year. 

“Our coach has been pushing us pretty hard lately, so I think she has done a good job at preparing us,” says Amelia Baehler, who is currently on the RHS dance team. 

Amelia continues, “Amelia Baehler says, “I personally feel ready for our competition and I feel like our team does as well.”  

“Mrs. Morris has definitely made sure that everyone feels comfortable and is having fun overall because she wants to make sure that it’s enjoyable for us [the dancers] and the audience,” says Isabel Aalberg, who will be dancing in the performance for her first time. Isabel continues to say, “I’m looking forward to watching all the other dances come together and just just being part of this for the first time.” 

Both dancers are excited and prepared for the dance show. This performance promises to be spectacular. 

The Dance show starts on February 28th and goes till the 29th at 7:00 P.M. both nights. You’ll definitely want to make sure to buy your ticket soon!