Much Anticipated Band Concert is on October 28th

Ashley Patrin, Contributor

Looking for a way to get out of the house? On October 28th, 7:00 pm at the Rosemount Highschool Performing Arts Center, there’s a band concert! Both of the 9th grade bands and Chamber Winds Ensemble (grades 10-12) will perform pieces with themes of excitement, beauty and energy. Directed by Leon Sieve, Bojan Hoover, Taylor Eliason, Scott Palmer, and student teacher, Devon Melillo. 

    Each band will play 3 pieces dealing with the chosen theme. Adrenaline Engines by Standbridge, Abracadabra by Ticheli, and Risk Everything for a Dream by Saucedo will be played by the 9th grade Concert Blue Band. Nightsong by Ticheli, Synergies by Robert Sheldon and Runaway Circus Train by Morales will be played by the 9th grade Concert Gold Band. The 10-12 grade Chamber Wind Ensemble will be playing Song for Lyndsay by Andrew Boysen Jr., God’s Country by Galante, and The Gathering of the Ranks at Hebron by David Holsinger. The band directors say they are pleased by the progress of their bands. 

The bands don’t just play music though, the Chamber Winds Ensemble also were given an interesting assignment to go along with their piece titled Song for Lyndsay by Andrew Boysen Jr. The song was written to be a letter of gratitude to his wife. The Students were asked to write a letter for someone who made an impact in their lives to show their gratitude to this person and invite them to the concert. 

If you decide to attend this exciting event please remember to be respectful of the students playing and others who came to listen by being quiet and staying off your phone. Students who are performing should come in all black. More upcoming events will be listed in the programs. The band directors would like to thank you for all of the support given to the Rosemount Highschool band and hope to see you at the concert.