Google Marks it’s 20th Anniversary with Latest Product Launch


    Google. The company that always creates the latest and greatest innovations. In 1998, Google launched their search engine. They have changed the world ever since. Every parent has told their child at least once to ask Google when they can’t answer it themselves. This year they have released their latest products of their annual product launch. Here are the highlights of the “Made by Google” product launch held at New York City.

   Google Home Hub; the all in one home assistant. The Google Home Hub’s makeup is of a seven inch touchscreen that is mounted on top of a fabric encased speaker. Some features that the Google Home Hub has is that it can connect to your existing or new Nest Home and Security system for securing doors and turning off lights and controlling your thermostat. The Google Home Hub has the basic capabilities of searching browser and playing your favorite music with a command of your voice by saying “Hey Google,”. It also uses voice matching function for users to deliver their calendar, reminders, weather and how the commute looks like for you. When it’s not assisting you, it sets up live albums, which means that it shows a gallery of good photos that you’ve taken. Not the ones that are blurry or have unexposed light. The Google Home Hub is priced at $149 and comes in four colors: chalk, charcoal, aqua and sand. A decent price set for an all in one home assistant.

   Google Pixel Slate; It has the versatility and sleekness of a tablet and can do has the functionality of a desktop combined on the Pixel Slate. The Pixel Slate has access to Google Play Store like a tablet and you can connect your Pixel Slate with a desktop like another monitor. Some fun features of the Pixel Slate include multitasking feature and Google Assistant. You can also work offline in G Suite, which is Google spreadsheets, Google docs and Google slides and it can get two hours of charge with just a fifteen minute recharge. It’s priced at $599 and you can sync the Pixel book pen with Pixel Slate for an additional $99; which is a great price for a desktop/tablet combined.

   Finally we can’t leave here without talking about the star of the show; the Google Pixel 3. Some cool aspects of the Pixel 3 is the stellar camera. The camera can take a amazing selfie without cutting anyone out of the picture. You can also use Google lens to identify where your friend got that cool shirt or sunglasses. The camera also has a playground mode which allows you to take pictures with an animated character, like a puppy or Marvel superheroes. It has unlimited photo storage and wireless charging. It also has the Google Assistant. But there is no headphone jack on the Pixel 3 though it’s provided with a headphone jack adapter with headphones. The Pixel 3 comes in “not pink”, “clearly white” and “just black”. The Pixel 3 is priced at $799 at 64 GB and the Pixel 3 XL is priced at $899 at 64GB. A hefty price for a beautiful smartphone.

    When we think of searching or researching something we go to Google. No other company could beat them in the search engine. This year, they launched these products in their annual product launch. We covered the highlights of the “Made by Google” product launch and each product. Each one has its own story to uncover. Which one are you going to read first?