A Black Friday Exclusive Look of the Trending Phones of 2018

Ramani Arunachalam, Contributer

        The biggest holiday is coming up, and it’s coming up fast. It’s Thanksgiving; with that comes food, family, plus Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. Here’s our look for the latest trending phones of this year.

    On the top of our list is the Google Pixel 3. It is at the top of our list, because it has a ravishing feature that no other phones have. It’s the Google lens. The Google lens can identify where your friend got that cool shirt or sunglasses and it can also identify types of plants as well. Another cool aspect of the Pixel 3 is the sensational camera. The camera can take a amazing selfie without cutting anyone out of the picture. The camera also has a playground mode which allows you to take pictures with an animated character or Marvel superheroes. Some perks of it is that it unlimited photo storage and wireless charging. It also has the Google Assistant, which now can answer your calls when you are not interested in answering them. But be warned that there is no headphone jack on the Pixel 3 though it’s provided with a headphone jack adapter with headphones. The Pixel 3 comes in “not pink”, “clearly white” and “just black”. The Pixel 3 is priced at $799 at 64 GB and the Pixel 3 XL is priced at $899 at 64GB. A smartphone that’s smart enough to answer your calls.

     Second up is the iPhone XR. The latest and greatest iPhone that you don’t need to spend $1,000 on to just to have an infinity screen and Face ID. It has dual-sim which means you can have a work phone number and a personal phone number all in one phone. It also has Animoji and Memoji, where you can talk as an emoji and create an emoji of yourself. The iPhone XR has a really good portrait mode where you can have a blurred background effect like a professional DSLR camera. It has an infinity screen and Face ID so you can unlock your phone with a glance of your face; A feature where you had to get an iPhone X to have this. Another major plus from the iPhone XR is that it is bigger than the iPhone 8 and smaller than the 8 plus for those who thought the plus sized phones were too big and normal iPhone was too small. This iPhone lasts 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone 8 Plus, for those who received battery problems in their iPhone 6 and 6s. A minor disappointment is that there is no headphone jack and  nowadays Apple doesn’t provide the headphone to lightning jack adapter like previously with the other iPhones. This iPhone comes in 6 different colors: black, white, coral, blue, yellow and Product red. The iPhone XR is priced at $749.99 at 64 GB.

     Last but not least is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This is the best phone for those of you who like to draw or take notes with ease. It is called the Note 9 because it comes with a Bluetooth stylus pen called the S-pen. You can also take pictures and start and stop recording video by pressing the button on S-pen while you are in the camera app. The best part about this is that you don’t need to worry about losing the S-pen, because there’s a slot in Note 9 to store it. Another cool aspect about the Note 9 is that you can chat as a Disney character, like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Mr. Incredible. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has an incredible camera which can also do the blurred background effect and it also tells you if you need to clean your lens or put your HDR on. It does come with a headphone jack, which is a big plus point. It comes in “midnight black”, “lavender purple”, and “ocean blue”. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is $999.99 at 128 gigabytes storage and has expandable storage up to I terabyte. A smartphone that has it all for an enormous price.

   We critiqued this years latest trending phones: the Google Pixel 3, the iPhone XR and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The Google Pixel is known for its Google lens and amazing selfie. The iPhone XR is known for its Animoji and Memoji features and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the phone for those of you who like to draw or take notes with ease. Which one are you going to buy for your loved one or yourself this holiday season?