Struggle With the Internet? We Know Why!

Ramani Arunachalam , Contributer

    Have you ever experienced problems with the school WiFi? I certainly have and we sought out the answer. According to Mr. Boyd, the Rosemount High School technology coordinator,“In 2016, the capacity was shrunk in guest to give more capacity to the internal WiFi. That is why students, teachers and administrators use internal. But since guest has small capacity WiFi connects and disconnects [when] there are same amount of people using it,”. Internal WiFi is strictly for district issued devices whereas our cell phones are connected to the guest WiFi .


    Though Mr. Boyd isn’t sure of who the WiFi provider is, we learned that spotty cellular reception is related to the geography of the building. If you are experiencing problems with the WiFi, turn on Airplay mode and turn it off. This would disconnect from the previous room router and connect to the nearest router.


    Now we know why our WiFi is slow here at Rosemount High School!